Darren Allen

I write radical philosophy and outsider literature.

I was born in Canterbury and grew up in old Whitstable, in the county of Kent. I am a 48 year-old, white, working-class male. I’ve lived an interesting life — which I won’t bore you with — but for the past few years I’ve spent most of my time reading and writing. I live in a small box on a crumbling cliff called England.

This Substack is [to be] an online resource of my non-fiction (with occasional fictional incursions). You’ll find here enquiries into, amongst other things, morality, technology, art and literature, religion and science, consciousness, culture, gender and love.

Some of the work here is available on my (now reduced) website, where you can also find my books which, if you like what’s here, I encourage you to look into, because they form a whole that scattered screen accounts can’t really do justice to.

Thank you for reading.

Darren Allen

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Darren Allen
Darren Allen’s work addresses the nature of reality, the origin of civilisation, the horrors of work, death, gender, mental ‘illness’, Miss Genius, unconditional love, and life outside the simulacrum.