An Introduction

What you can expect to find here

My work covers a wide sweep of experience, from an original perspective, which I call panjective primalism.

By panjective I mean the truth. Simple as that. Specifically, truth that is neither a form of subjectivism (what today we usually understand as ‘postmodernism’, or, seen from another angle, ‘superstition’ or ‘idealism’) nor of objectivism (which is to say the civilised religion of ‘scientism’, ‘materialism’ or, for many people, of ‘common sense’).

By primalist I am referring to a kind of anarchism which is outside the coordinates of civilised political thought, and so neither left-wing (e.g. socialist and democratic) nor right-wing (e.g. authoritarian and capitalist) and so, despite the mind’s craving for labels and the ego’s thirst to co-opt the freedom that primal anarchism represents, impossible to categorise.

That all seems rather heavy, laid out like that, but it’s a beautifully simple matter really. I have explained or indirectly expressed it in my books and have unfolded a fair picture of the whole lovely thing on this Substack. You might want to start with the unlovely state of our nightmare world;

Or you might have a taste for theory — or rather for the strange and beautiful ground of philosophy growing beneath mere theory:

Or you might want to skip to the truer truths of primality. These are just sketches though, or gestures towards the whole;

Or you might be one of the lonely breed of freaks who still reads books. In which case, I recommend you take a look at my philosophy of all and everything, Self and Unself, my popular polemic, 33 Myths of the System, my mind-bending comic-philosophic dictionary, The Apocalypedia, or my burlesque epic, Fired. My books, beloved by some our greatest trouble-makers (Terry Gilliam, Irvine Welsh, Bernado Kastrup, Lars Lyer, Galen Strawson, Russell Brand, John Zerzan and others), are deeper and more enduring than this bitty, ephemeral site, so please take a look:

A few things you won’t find here. I am not a nice man; I love many things, but striving to be likeable is death for the writer. I do not pander to mass ideology (I argue, for example, that video games are not art, that love is not an emotion, that feminism is a betrayal of femininity and that genius exists). I don’t comment much on current affairs because I consider the news a rarefied form of pornography. I don’t offer much audio, apart from my introductory podcast…

…because they take me too long to make. And I don’t have comments turned on, because I find digital ‘participation’ kills my spirit, but you can drop me a line if you have something to say. Please, if you do, introduce yourself a bit (just a bit) and please use your real name, because, being an ordinary flesh-and-blood human being, I find anonymity unpleasant and disconcerting. And if you’d like to criticise me, that’s fine, but read this before complaining about anything.

Finally, if you like my work, please consider supporting it financially—subscribers get access to the full archive and various journal entries and essays—or sharing it—you won’t get many friends by doing so, but you’ll get good ones. I no longer use social media and have annoyed everyone with a platform who can help me, so I rely entirely on readers spreading my work around the internet. Chances are you’re only here because of a forum post somewhere else.

Thassal. Thank you for reading.

Low bows,

Darren Allen

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The truth. Not for everyone.


Darren Allen is a radical philosopher and outsider novelist. His work combines social criticism, self-enquiry and a uniquely creative form of primal anarchism.