Niceness: the mask of fear, the consolation of mediocrity, the betrayal of morality, the menace of modernity, the death of love.
Can consciousness be uploaded? Is it possible to make moral choices in a virtual reality? Can artificial intelligence be sentient? Are you living in a…
A guide to the best that outsider literature has to offer (now updated). Second part of three; Hesse to Miller
A brief hymn to genius, joy, brilliance and superiority in human, specifically literary, endeavour.
Joe gets up and has an argument with his wife, Neil gets blown out by his flatmate | The first two chapters from my novel, Fired.
A few observational biscuits | A conversational diary for paid subscribers. This week; shooting dogs, my UFO abduction story and being 99% everything…

February 2023

Invitation to the dance macabre: admit one | A message from your oldest and closest friend
The perfect system is comprised entirely of unconscious people performing meaningless tasks | An extract from 33 Myths of the System.
Part 2 looks at two of Lawrence’s principal literary peers, James Joyce and Marcel Proust, and concludes with the apocalyptic flesh, dancing.
A brief enquiry into the strange, selfless world of one of our greatest and most neglected writers. Part one of two.

January 2023

A brief enquiry into the life and death of ritual | For paying subscribers.
Why our cultural world is a wasteland | An excerpt from 33 Myths of the System.